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Timbo's Tales is a rhyme-ridden story about a young boy from a distant galaxy who has an innate ability to communicate with the cosmos. Intergalactic creatures (stars) inform Timbo that his destiny is to help sick children on planet Earth by putting together a magical potion with the help of his friend Cloudicus.



When your child awakens with a cold, a sore throat, or any other ailment and needs to take medicine, you know that she or he will not be very excited about the prospect of taking generic, unpalatable medication.

The good news is that we can take this feeling of dread and transform it into a feeling of excitement!

By reading Timbo's Tales to your child, she and he will learn of the healing super potion that Timbo brings to sick children.

Afterward, place a Timbo sticker on a special cup and fill it with your child’s medicine, water, or juice.

They will in turn believe that they are consuming a super power elixir which will immediately elevate their spirit!  

As we intuitively know, and science has shown us, the mind is an incredibly powerful tool. Through the power of expectation and belief, the mind can actually heal the body.



Further reading and evidence on the power of healing yourself with your mind: 

Placebo effects in children: a review: The authors screened over 50 scientific articles published on the placebo effect in children and adolescents and found that across a number of illnesses, children respond significantly higher to the placebo effect than adults.

Putting the Placebo Effect to Work: A Harvard health letter that encourages using the power of mind healing, claiming that the placebo effect is a critical part of any good medical care and is a response to an article published in Harvard Magazine, The Placebo Phenomenon: which emphasizes, along with the power of the placebo effect, the healing properties of quality caregiving. 

Mind over Medicine: A book dedicated to exploring how positive thoughts in the mind might in turn create spontaneous healing in the body, or the phenomenon of the “mind making itself well.”