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We are Edrea + Taha,

Co-Creators of Timbo's Tales and we are excited to bring you our first of many, extraordinary Timbo adventures!





The very first children's book that inspires sick children to take their medicine and helps them to heal!

We met many years ago in a quaint Swiss town as colleagues at a multinational company that exposed us to exquisite jewels and other fine objects. While working there we both realized that we shared a common passion -helping others who are less fortunate! And as soon as we discovered this similarity we spent countless hours ruminating on the possibilities of what we could do to be more impactful. 

It was during this time that we came up with the concept of Timbo's Tales. A bedtime story that would introduce a magical potion delivered by a child superhero. Sort of like a Santa Claus or Tooth-fairy for sick kids, which could be used by parents in real-life to give their sick child medicine or juices just by pasting the superhero symbol on a cup or anything else. We decided:

We would bring sick kids determination and their parents tranquility.  


Over the past few years we have been dedicated to bringing you the extraordinary adventure of 

Timbo's Tales.  

Edrea made it her full-time job to develop the fairytale from start to finish, while Taha was assisting in the foundation of another social enterprise called Goodwall. 

To gain a better understanding of how they could create the most impact, Edrea volunteered at the local Pediatric hospital. There she worked with children of an average age of six years old who were thousands of miles away from their home and parents, and who had to regularly take a dose of medicine.

The moment of taking medicine was often met with reluctance so Edrea jumped on these moments to soothe the kids by telling them the story of Timbo -   emphasizing the special healing powers of the medicine they were reluctant to take.


To further engage their credibility she created superhero stickers which she pasted onto cups and IV bags- marking them as Timbo potions.

The results were very positive and we realized that we could help children, not only who are bedridden in the hospital, but also those at home with the common cold!





It is the beginning of a long and impactful journey that we hope you join! 


Edrea + Taha