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The Creation of: 


Nice to meet you! My name is Edrea Braga-Onstad and I am, in the simplest terms, a creator. For the past few years, my most significant project has been the creation of Timbo's Tales, is a children's book and conceptual universe that inspires sick children to take their medicine and feel less afraid of being ill by introducing a magical potion!

The concept behind Timbo's Tales was inspired by a fascinating project that took place in a Brazilian pediatric oncology hospital in 2013. The hospital partnered up with an ad agency to create plastic cases with superhero symbols on them, in order to cover the IV bags used for chemotherapy treatment. They effectively re-branded the chemo into a Super-formula! During the course of the program, I had the chance to speak to multiple staff members and they informed me that the project had an incredibly positive impact on the young patients and the hospital as a whole.

Together with a colleague of mine, we had an epiphany: we should import this concept to Europe, where we live! However, we also needed to do more research to fully understand what that would entail. This idea drove me to explore the world of sick children and medical treatment facilities in more depth. I got involved by joining the local University hospital as a volunteer in the pediatric ward and graduating from intensive palliative care courses.


I have now been working with the hospital for two years, and in this time, I have personally realized the amount of good that a superhero story could bring not only to children who are bedridden in the hospital, but also for those at home with the common cold.


Meanwhile, we requested to license the superhero symbols used in that Brazilian hospital, but unfortunately, we were not given the authority to use them. We were incredibly discouraged by their answer, but I quickly bounced back with the idea of creating my own superhero.


The idea was to create a young, ethnically ambiguous child who helps other children. Breaking the typical “adult-helps-child” mold and enforce the notion that children are powerful and important citizens of our societies, capable of helping others.

And thus Timbo, the magical kid superhero, was born! Born to help sick children feel better, to facilitate parents and caregivers to give children their medicine, and to alleviate fears associated with being ill! We hope that you will join us on this journey to help out!


Further reading and evidence on the power of healing yourself with your mind: 

Placebo effects in children: a review: The authors screened over 50 scientific articles published on the placebo effect in children and adolescents and found that across a number of illnesses, children respond significantly higher to the placebo effect than adults.

Putting the Placebo Effect to Work: A Harvard health letter that encourages using the power of mind healing, claiming that the placebo effect is a critical part of any good medical care.

Mind over Medicine: A book dedicated to exploring how positive thoughts in the mind might in turn create spontaneous healing in the body, or the phenomenon of the “mind making itself well.”


Timbo's Tales is a rhyme-ridden story about a young boy from a distant galaxy who has an innate ability to communicate with the cosmos. Intergalactic creatures (stars) inform Timbo that his destiny is to help sick children on planet Earth by putting together a magical potion with the help of his cloud-friend Cloudicus.

After becoming aware of his circumstance, Timbo travels to our terrestrial sphere in search of the ingredients to make a magical potion. Each ingredient is located in a different geographical region, so Timbo relies on the help of local animals to find them. With each encounter, Timbo is revealed subtle and enriching life lessons that motivate him to continue on his journey.

Once Timbo assembles all of the components of the potion, he flies through the starry nights, delivering the magical elixir to the homes of sick children while they sleep.

When your child awakens with a cold, a sore throat, or any other ailment and needs to take medicine to remedy it, you know that she or he will not be very excited about having fallen sick and will be even less excited about the prospect of taking generic, unpalatable medication. However, the good news is that we can take this feeling of dread and transform it into a feeling of excitement!

How? The principle is easy.  By reading Timbo's Tales to your child, she or he will learn of the healing super potion that Timbo brings to sick children. Next, place a Timbo sticker on a special cup and fill it with your child’s medicine, water, or juice.

They will in turn believe that they are consuming a super power elixir which will immediately elevate their spirit!  As we intuitively know, and science has shown us, the mind is an incredibly powerful tool. Through the power of expectation and belief, the mind can actually heal the body