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Timbo's Tales is a Universe... 


Where children help other children, nature is cherished, compassion shows no boundaries, and magic exists for all.


We believe that a drop of goodwill can create an endless ripple of good fortune and this is why Timbo's Tales creates fantasy to elevate a child's frame of mind; transcending what can be a disturbing state of illness into a positive state of being.

      It's simple !

Read Timbo's Tales together.

The idea of receiving a powerful elixir from a superhero will facilitate parents and caregivers to give children their prescribed medication with less resistance and more reassurance.

Paste Timbo sticker  onto a cup or medical device.

The medicine becomes a magical potion and will encourage children to believe in the powerful healing qualities of the remedies they are taking. 

Watch the potion 

work its magic! 

The conviction that the medicine / magic potion holds power, will help heal the body and spirit while diminishing negative thoughts associated to taking medicine.  

Our Mission